my_art_space (my_art_space) wrote,

Only the Giant can be Obeyed?

Larkin Werner's 'Obey Steelerbaby' next to a poster by Shepard Fairey.

Based on Shepard Fairey's recent statements you would think that he would fully support artists using his widely known images under "fair use". After all, in the NPR interview Fairey suggested that his lawsuit against the Associated Press is important because he views it as standing up for the rights of artists who create art that is protected under "fair use". However, Shepard Fairey has a history of threatening artists with legal action when they utilize his famous artwork under "fair use"-- even if the artist did not willfully infringe. The most recent situation involves graphic designer Larkin Werner and his Cafepress store. Fairey’s representatives claim that only he can use the word Obey in artwork and designs. Read More:

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