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Does Shepard Fairey really support "fair use"?

Larkin Werner's 'Obey Steelerbaby' next to a poster by Shepard Fairey.
UPDATE: It appears that Shepard Fairey has dropped his cease-and-desist order against Cafepress and Larkin Werner's Steelerbaby store. My sources tell me it was dropped on March 10th-- days after my post about the issue.  Shepard Fairey's legal team had suggested that only he can use the word 'Obey' in a work of art. These are the same people who sent Baxter Orr a cease-and-desist letter in 2008 over the issue of "fair use". Does Shepard Fairey honestly support "fair use"? Or does he only support "fair use" when he is the one working under it? Thoughts? In his recent interview with NPR he stated that he is going against the Associated Press in order to uphold the rights of artists who work under "fair use"-- doesn't that include his work as well? After all, Obey Giant is known the world over and has been around 20 years now. In my opinion the image is open to "fair use". Thoughts?

Disobey Shepard Fairey by Brian Sherwin -- Myartspace Blog

Shepard Fairey decides that Steelerbaby does not need to Obey his legal team by Brian Sherwin -- Myartspace blog
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