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Join the community forum now has a community forum. The purpose of the community forum is to foster debate among members of the community. It is also a useful place to share art advice and feedback. Feel free to discuss controversial artists, exhibits, aspects of the art market, or anything else art-related.

If you have an art blog be sure to introduce forum visitors to it by starting a thread about it on the Art Blog forum. There are also forums for Art History, Art and Politics, Art School Reviews, Selling and Buying Art Online-- among others.

Recent topics include:

Controversial art exhibits that stir violence and outrage-- who is responsible?

What Adhesives to Use for Making Recycled Indoor/Outdoor Sculptures?

Do Copyright Laws Restrict Creativity?

What is Art to the Artists?

There are also specific forums on the community forum for discussion about site features of and, the eCommerce platform for Feedback about the two sites is appreciated since we are always looking for ways to improve the sites.

As always, is free to join. Members can upload an unlimited number of images and create an unlimited number of Flash galleries in order to display their images on the site. Music, video, and audio narration can be attached to each gallery. The galleries can be embedded on other sites. Embedding your galleries on other sites can be a great way to gain exposure for your art online.

Take care, Stay true,

Brian Sherwin
Senior Editor
New York Art Exchange
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